I’ve gone on two “dates” with a guy from Pof. I don’t think I’m feeling it. 

The first date went well. The second date was meh. It was late and I was tired. We just drove around and sat in his car. He complained about things a lot. His mom… who he lives with, past relationships. As he was complaining I found that I wasn’t on his side of the argument for anything. For the most it just seemed like he was bitter about a lot of things that didn’t really seem all that important. His mom not making his birthday cake, a girlfriend wanting to bring her dog with her places, another girlfriend not paying for dates… 

So now I need to ask myself… am I genuinely not interested or was I just tired from working 2 jobs in one day, agetated because I hadn’t eaten yet that day and didn’t have the chance too, or am I not giving him a fair chance because he’s not Luke. 

I don’t really know what to do. If given the choice in this very moment I think I’d rather be Luke’s fwb than this guy’s girlfriend. But then I haven’t spoken to Luke in s week and I really fucking miss him. 

I’m such a mess. 


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