I guess it is what it is

I asked Luke for more. A commitment. He said we should part ways. I’m heartbroken.


8 thoughts on “I guess it is what it is

  1. That sucks! I know you’re sad, so do what you need to do to feel better. Peanut butter and chocolate, smoke a joint… Whatever you need to do. And eventually you will see that if he was the worth it, he would have made it work. You don’t want another Jeff. You’re worth so much more and if he can’t see it, then fuck him. You’re gonna find the right person, and maybe Luke was just standing in the way.

    You’re awesome. If I wasn’t married, I’d date ya 😉

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    • Thank you!!!! I called him out on blurring his own lines and boundaries. We’ve been doing this for a year tho, and he always comes back. I don’t want this to be it, but st the same time I hope it is. I know me and I know that I’ll keep running back every time he calls.

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  2. Oh Gracie. I’m sorry sweetheart. But I agree with the comment above. Although you very much care for him, his lack of of the same level of commitment to you is just holding you back from the right person. I was in the same spot as you, around the same age. I just said “no boys. No searching. No worries”. I took time out and when I least expected it, I met Chris. I wish happiness and patience for you. You need a fuck load of patience in your 20’s lol . Xox

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