Lukey Boy

I got a double dose of Luke last week. Visits had been sparse. His kids have had travel hockey every weekend and me living 30 minutes away isn’t helpful. As I was driving home from work on Friday he called though and asked if I wanted company.

He ended up coming over around 10pm and brought me iced coffee. I had just finished doing some serious cleaning as we was getting there so I left him to entertain himself while I showered. While I was in the shower he installed my window AC unit without me even asking him! Words can not describe how excited I was.

It’s Friday night, there’s a big, tall, bearded man lying in my bed wearing khaki shorts and a V Neck t-shirt with my kitten sleeping on his chest. Not only that, but he brought me iced coffee and installed my AC. It’s stupid, but I’m incredibly turned on.

Side note, I got a cat… well, a kitten. She’s all black, affectionate but a little ass kicker. I’ve named her Lucille… As in Negan’s bat Lucille… you know… from The Walking Dead. Luke, who isn’t a pet person loves her. He picks her up and carries her around. She fits in the palm of his hand. He kisses her, gives her love, calls her a him and says they’re best friends. It’s pretty entertaining.

We spent the night cuddle up in bed watching movies/tv shows. He does this thing where he puts his hand just inside the waist band of my undies and rests his hand on the top of my butt. He doesn’t know it, but it drives me nuts… good nuts.

The thing is though, that he slept over. He’s done it a few times when we start to get into relationship territory but then freaks himself out and backs off. It’s been awhile. Normally we end up falling asleep but then we wake up at 2 or 3 am and leave. I’m better at leaving than he is, but I think that’s just because he has kids sleeping in the next room when I’m there. As much as I’d love to meet his kids, I don’t think in their Father’s bed is the best way to go about that.

He slept over Friday night though, and wasn’t in a big rush to get out of there in the morning. I normally don’t sleep well when he’s there but I slept without issue. It was actually kind of nice.

I feel conflicted. The more I’m with him the more I want him. I have no urge to date any one else. I’m talking to a couple different people right now but I’d drop them all in a heart beat to be exclusive with Luke. He’s not emotionally available though. He changes his mind frequently. He wants me, but can’t commit…. but boy does he look good in my bed. If only I could keep him there.


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