My Weekend Was Better Than Yours


I took the day off work. Slept in, then picked my brother up around 11:30am and headed to Toronto. We stopped in at my friend’s place so I could give him money I owed him and then headed to the Eaton’s Center. We wander the mall, did some shopping, then drove to Yorkdale where we continued to shop and eat Chipotle Burritos. We followed this up with an Ed Sheeran concert. Great Day.



Drove to my sister’s house to have a family BBQ to celebrate my brother’s 16th Birthday. I can’t believe that kid is 16. I’m so fucking old. Drove back to my new home city. Stopped in at EB games to preorder the new Southpark game and picked up dog food at a grocery store in the same plaza. Went to my Mom’s and played injustice 2 with my brother. Stopped at my place to feed and take out the dogs. Took my brother to see Wonder Woman. Solid Day.



Slept in far later than I should have. Showered and then went to the mall to pick up a Pop Vinyl my brother had on hold for him. Picked my Brother up from work and then took him to his girl friend’s house to celebrate his birthday with her family. Went out with my Mom and she bought me a milk shake. We did charcoal face masks and painted our nails. I played injustice 2 and she fed me dinner. Then I drove back to Cambridge to hang out with Luke before he had to work. Watched part of Super Troopers in his car. Decent day.



I’m working 12-9 today and not a fan of it. I have a head ache and time is moving super slowly. I’m broke and tired but there’s gas in my car, food in my fridge, and I think Luke is coming over tomorrow morning before I work. Things could be worse.


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