Well, Hello There

Luke messaged me yesterday morning. First time in three weeks. Made small talk, acted like he was actually interested in what’s going on in my life. Then proceeded to try and convince me to call in late to work to “hang out” and that he would buy me breakfast.

Obviously I said no, politely of course. I explained that I needed to be at work and that I was counting calories and didn’t need his breakfast. He then continues to make small talk about how hard I’m working and well I’m doing at this weight loss thing… and then proceeds to ask me again

Luke: Do you want to see me later?

Me: Possibly

Luke: Oh

Me: What are your intentions?

Luke. Cuddle. Fuck. Blowjob

Me: I thought you didn’t want that

Luke: Today I do

I left it at that. It’s been three weeks since I abruptly grabbed my keys and left his apartment without saying a word. I cried the whole way home. I felt dirty and repulsive and not worthy of anyone. Three weeks have gone by after he said that he only wanted blow jobs from me and he thinks he can convince me to miss work to satisfy him in exchange for breakfast? Seriously?

No thank you Luke. No thank you.


3 thoughts on “Well, Hello There

  1. What a dick. I hate guys like that! I’m sending love and good vibes that Italy is a breath of fresh air coming out of the dump pile that consists of Jeff, Luke and POF in general 😉

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    • I’m drunk off wine in Toronto with my grade three buddy right now… like really drunk. But Italy thinks the sun shines out my ass. If I don’t fuck this up I’ll probably have his babies lol he thinks so highly of me that I don’t even know how to handle it


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